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Helpful Resources for You and Your Loved Ones

Finding answers to your questions can be an important part of the recovery journey.  Whether you’re a patient or a loved one or friend of a patient, we have assembled some suggested resources to help you learn more about opioid addiction.

Suggested Reading

We have compiled a list of suggested books, articles and links that will help you if you are facing opioid addiction or have a family member or friend who needs support. 

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PBS Nova has recently released a special on the opioid epidemic that may be helpful if you or your family member want to learn more on this topic. 

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If you are in need of additional community support please take note of this list of other resources assembled to help you or your family on your recovery journey. 

Suggested Watch
Community Resources
In the News

Check back periodically for the latest news in treatment advances, government regulations and other news related to the opioid crisis and treatment solutions. 

October 2023
NPR Reports that only 1-in-5 people with opioid addiction get the medication to treat it.  Coverage of a recent study published in the Journal of American Medical Association.

October 2023
Fentanyl Unlimited a documentary by Charlie Minn was recently released for viewing across Texas.  The documentary includes conversations with law enforcement, first responders, and family members affected by the fentanyl crisis.
October 2023
Recently published by the New York Times an overview of key facts and often asked questions overviews fentanyl and the current crisis. 

September 2023
Dr. Molly Boyd from Albany NY talks about how suboxone changes lives in recovering from opioid use disorder.  This interview discusses the topic in very clear and easy to understand terms. 
As back to school began in September, school districts rushed to stock Narcan as the best defense against fentanyl and other opioid related overdoses.

John Hopkins University Public Health Journal recently published an article where they discussed what it sees as the barriers to methadone access.

CBS News gets an exclusive look at the secret government bunker where U.S. Customs and Border Protection screens mail and packages for fentanyl shipped into the U.S.

The Dallas Morning news reports on the impact of fentanyl on the brain.  The article is part of a month long series on the affect of  fentanyl in the community.

ABC News’ Mireya Villarreal gets an inside look at “Operation Artemis” as federal authorities scour packages coming into Los Angeles International Airport for signs of the deadly drug.
Over the last decade, Fentanyl has been a major concern in the deadly U.S. opioid crisis.  Medical minute focuses on the impact on children in our country.
Roughly three in 10 adults have been addicted to opioids or have a family member who has been, and less than half of those with a substance use disorder have received treatment. 
July 2023
SAMHSA released an informative video set “Preventing Fentanyl Use by Youth and Young Adults", discussing how fentanyl is an emerging threat for youth and young adults.
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Collin County, Texas uses education to bring awareness to dangers of fentanyl and raise community awareness.  

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On a special edition of Meet the Press,  senators discussed the urgency of the fentanyl crisis in America and lack of cooperation from China and Mexico in addressing the crisis.
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Four chemical companies based in China and eight Chinese nationals  charged with trafficking chemicals used by Mexican drug cartels to manufacture vast quantities of fentanyl later sold in the United States. 

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