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About Us

We are a group of professional addiction treatment specialists that utilize medication-assisted treatment in combination with confidential counseling, case management and a variety of other support services to help reverse the devastating impact of opioid addiction.   

We are a small, private treatment facility and are not affiliated in any way with any other larger or corporate entity.  Our team is part of the local community and strives to help people in our community who are struggling with opioid addiction.  

Our clinical staff includes a medical director, a mid-level provider (APRN), and support staff.  Each of our team members have extensive experience in the healthcare field and particularly in the field of addiction.  



To restore families, lives and futures.


To be the "provider of choice" for every person who needs treatment services and, to be the "referral source of choice" for every emergency room, pain management clinic, family practitioner and dentist when they encounter patients who are addicted to opioids. 

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